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05th February 2019

Why you’ll love our Ultimate Assault course….

We can all say we’ve watched the program Total Wipeout and thought “I could do that”.  Well now’s your chance!!  Our all-weather action-packed assault course which was rated ‘one of the best activities in the UK’ by The Guardian, is definitely worth ‘making a song and dance about’. 🏆

This course takes no prisoners so be prepared to get wet!! You’ll face a number of obstacles including our super slippery water slides, tunnels and of course, the infamous ‘Big Balls’.

This fantastic but challenging course has been tested by many opponents since its renovation in April 2017, but many have fallen to defeat. The course is modelled on the hit program ‘Total Wipeout’ and just like on the telly, it’s no push over. Our Ultimate assault is crying out for a worthy competitor!! Could this be you? 👑

The session runs for approximately 2hrs which includes kitting up and a quick safety brief to give you a solid understanding of the course. This ultimate activity is both land and water based and is filled with countless obstacles such as water slides, monkey bars, rope bridges, tunnels and beams but unfortunately no benches, so there will be no half time sit-downs for you😉

We provide buoyancy aids, helmets and wetsuits with sizes ranging from K3 right up to XXL.

What you will need to bring:

  • Swimwear;
  • A Pair of old trainers that you don’t mind getting wet;
  • A towel;
  • And of course, your winner’s mentality.

Do you have what it takes to beat the balls?

Have you got any questions…… please email info@ultimateadventurecentre.com.