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Jacob’s Ladder is an absolute classic group activity. The idea behind it is simple; you have to try and climb to the top of the 5 wooden rungs. It seems straight forwards… but the rungs sway in the wind and become further apart the higher you go! This unique aerial activity requires a lot of strength, balance and flexibility, so if you make it to the top, you should be very pleased with yourself.

This is the perfect outdoor activity to try for a birthday party, hen ‘do or family day out in North Devon. Whether you’re looking for things to do on the weekend, or an adventure activity you’ve never experienced before, taking on Jacob’s Ladder is the ultimate choice!

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You can experience the Jacob’s Ladder as part of the Awesome 4Some. This is a great activity for ages from 5 upwards – ideal to challenge, develop and inspire. All participants are sure to leave with a sense of achievement – especially those who reach the goal at the top!

Ultimate Adventure voted number 1 in UK Top 10 Adventure Weekends for Kids

Challenge your Head for Heights

Jacob’s Ladder is not as easy as it sounds – try to increase your climbing speed without losing grip of the cylindrical rungs and you’ll soon feel the challenge! We see every attempt as a success, so don’t worry if you can’t make it all the way. We know how nerve racking it can be to be swaying in the air, but try and focus on the beautiful view over the whole of our site as you scale the ladder!

Develop your Skills as a Team

The Ultimate Adventure Centre in North Devon is a specialist provider of these team building challenges. We can devise a program of high and low impact activities for your business or school – for more information check out our Corporate Events page. If you still have some questions about Jacob’s Ladder, please contact us.

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To book, head to the Awesome 4 some page, then simply navigate to the date you want and the sessions available will be displayed in green. Then just click on ‘Book Now’, it’s as simple as that! Once you have completed your booking a confirmation will be e-mailed directly to you with details of what you need to bring along. If there aren’t any sessions please still contact us as we may be able to add a session for you.

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