Key Stage 1 – Infant Adventures

Taking the first steps

Memorable Experiences!

“100% fun, best trip ever! Great challenge and the instructors created a great mood/ atmosphere. We will come back without hesitation and will recommend to other schools. Stress free trip! Patient staff, you are onto a good thing here”

Kingsacre School

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The first taste of adventure 

Our one night adventures to excite, inspire and ultimately build confidence and independence. A trip in key stage 1 is often the first experience children have away from school and home and creates long lasting memories. We have built a range of experiences that provide a degree of adventure and spirit of challenge that aren’t daunting for children. Our instructors work with the teachers and teaching assistants to deliver a day that matches your needs and expectations and is highly rewarding for all.

  • 1 Night 2 Days
  • Activities tailored to age
  • Ensuite facilities
  • Primary trained staff

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New Experiences 

For most children this will be their first time away from family. Our programs are designed with just the right mix of challenge, whilst being aware of the anxiety children may have being away from loved ones.

Developing Independence

A one night residential is the perfect way to start developing a child’s independence. Just taking responsibility for their own bunk, remembering to brush their teeth and having the right kit and clothing on for activities can be enough of a challenge. Our KS1 residentials are based in our adventure barns, ensuite rooms with staff bedrooms within the same building. Safe and secure.

Trying New Things

We have a wide range of activities we can offer from Archery and Mountain Boarding to Surfing and Climbing, most of which will be new to children. You can guarantee they will go home with plenty of stories to tell.

Peace of Mind

You can be rest assured we take safety very seriously. We are AALS licensed and an approved provider for Devon County Council. You will have a residential lead working with your group throughout your stay and we have dedicated staff who ensure the safety and security of site at night.

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