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Happy Adventurers!

“We wanted to say a huge thank you for the hard work you put into our excellent three day residential. The children had such a great time, they were challenged and felt very proud of themselves. They also thoroughly enjoyed the accommodation and the site in general, as they were safe to run around and have some freedom. They loved the cafe space and the firepit.

“The instructors made the experience special as the three of them were a great mix of personalities and all of them got the best out of the children through strong guidance, patience and fun.”

St Helens CofE Primary School

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Helping school groups transition seamlessly

Moving from Primary to Secondary education can be a daunting time for young people. As education professionals we know anxiety and stress are huge barriers to learning. Our transition residential programs are designed to help break down those barriers through building trust, new friendships and bonds between staff and pupils. All in an exciting and safe environment.

  • Form new friendships
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Develop learning skills
  • Instil your school values

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New Year, New Team

Starting a new school is daunting, our transition residentials have been developed over years of working with local schools. They have found it an ideal way to bring a new year group together quickly so learning in the classroom can be maximised, right from the start.

How We Learn 

It is well documented that learning takes place when we feel we have control over our stress/anxieties, we feel safe and there is a strong bond and trust. Bringing your year group on a transition residential is the perfect way to start forming those bonds and ultimately create better learners in your classroom.

Start as Strangers, Leave as Friends

What better way to form new friendships than helping each other around our Ultimate Assault course, sharing lodge with our 3 storey bunk beds or chatting around the fire with a hot chocolate at the end of the day?

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