Where adventure lives in North Devon.

An interview with Lisa Taylor, General Manager at Inspiring Learning North Devon, the home of Ultimate Adventure.

 We sat down with Lisa, to dig a little deeper into her role, achievements to date and what the future holds for the centre…

Name: Lisa Taylor.

Business Role: Centre Manager.

How many years working with Ultimate Adventure: 2 years.


Q: What do you enjoy most about your role within the Ultimate Adventure setup? 

A: That’s a tough one, because there are so many elements that I love, but right now as we are in planning for reopening, I love being creative. Each Winter during shut down, we have an opportunity to assess the year and season gone. We then problem solve, plan and create bigger and better experiences for not only the customers coming but also and just as importantly, our team members. I enjoy planning and putting great things in place for them, from their accommodation to training and development. We have so many great plans already in place for the centre 2024, we are excited!


Q: What are you looking forward to seeing happen this year? 

A: 21/22 was a bit of a fire fight for us then 22/23 was a learning year. This year, I am really looking forward to a more steady and stable operation, we know who we are, and we are getting ready to operate successfully.


Q: What achievement are you most proud of since joining Ultimate Adventure?

A: So many things, but mostly I would say the culture on centre, although we still have some small difficulties here and there, overall, our team and family culture is wonderful. There is a real sense of passion and pride amongst the team, and we are all in it together, I love that.


Q: What do you think we have always done well at Ultimate Adventure?

A: We are resilient! We get the job done, no matter what and we take nothing for granted, health and safety being priority!


Q:What activity would you suggest to people considering visiting us this year? 

A: Our lake activities, we are known for the high Ropes and Water assault course, but we also have the most wonderful natural lake on centre, the SUP and Kayak sessions are so much fun. I popped my family visiting on it last summer and they rated it the best of the lot!