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mountain boarding

1.5 hour intro to Mountain Boarding. 

Unleash your passion for adventure and conquer the terrain as you blend your surf and snowboard prowess with the exhilarating world of mountain boarding! It’s a thrilling journey of mastery, where control and balance are your greatest allies. As the former home of the Mountain Board Championships, our centre presents an ideal location for developing your foundational skills in the art of Mountain Board control and precision turning.

Who can take part?

To take part in this activity you must be aged 8+ years old and accompanied by a participating adult (18+). Participants aged 10+ can take part on their own but must be signed in by an adult (18+) and a member of staff must be made aware of any absent adults.

There is no minimum height for this activity but there is a maximum weight of 120kg.

What to bring?

We provide all the safety equipment which includes, a helmet, elbow & knee pads and palm/wrist protectors. We advise all participants to wear comfortable, weather suitable clothing and footwear. Long hair will need to be tied back and shoes need to have enclosed toes – ideally trainers. 

Where does it take place?

Our Mountain Boarding Sessions take place onsite on our Mountain Boarding slope. There is also a seating area for spectators to watch on.



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